Mavs vs Nuggets Tickets Giveaway! And One More Thing… :)

* Congrats to P. Sullivan, B. Matthews and N. Octavius for winning! *
* It’s over! Tallying the entries now, thanks for entering! #teamSUCH *

Any “good basketball” fans in the house?? I’m taking the night off tomorrow to hang out and I have TWO (2) tickets (GREAT seats) to the Nuggets-Mavs basketball game tomorrow night that I want to give away to a lucky friend/fan! All you have to do is join my newsletter and/or like my fan page before noon Mountain Time (GMT-6:00, 2PM Eastern) tomorrow, Monday March 19! I will 1) do a random drawing of all entries using an app (there’s an app for everything!), 2) email/Facebook message the winner, 3) announce him/her on the website, facebook and twitter! Wait, there’s more…

“I don’t live in Colorado, that’s NOT FAIR!” I have GOOD news, you can still enter! My non-Colorado peeps will win either a free, signed copy of “Stretch Marks” when it’s released on May 5th or your choice between the “Mesmerized” and “Robbed” single right now! #Winning
The rules are simple (read all of them)!

  1. – You’ll get an extra entry if you leave a comment on this post
  2. – You’ll get an extra entry if you tweet, +1, or share this post on Facebook
  3. – You can double your chances by both liking my page and joining my mailing list if you hadn’t done either before
  4. – If you had only liked my page before, you can join my mailing list in the box to the top right
  5. – You cannot unlike and re-like, the app will automatically disqualify you, lol
  6. – If you had only joined my mailing list, you can like my page here
  7. – If you’d already join my newsletter, don’t join again. The app will automatically disqualify you
  8. – If you do live in Colorado and are under 18, tomorrow you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years or older

That’s it! Ready? Set? GOOD LUCK!