Request My Singles on Your Favorite Radio Station!

As an independent artist, it’s EXTREMELY difficult to get your songs played on the radio. But not impossible with your help! What I did is I went through the internet (aka Google) and all the major music cities and added as many stations as I could find in one place on my page. There is contact info for each of them as well as a “Request Single Online” link.

So, can you do me a HUGE favor? It’ll only take about 5 minutes. The list is sorted by state. Go through it, find your state and your favorite radio station. You can either:

1-Call them – tell them about me, that you LOVE me and would love to hear my music played live!
2-Email them – Copy the links under my videos page to the YouTube videos and send to them!

That’s it! Click here for the full list. If you can’t find your station, tell me in the comments and I’ll do my best to find it! Thank you SO much, I love you guys!