Vail Soul Music Fest and Beyond

Back from a hectic, fun, exhilarating weekend, I realize that life is good :) I had the honor of sharing the stage with such greats as Jeffrey Osborne, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart, Anthony David, Allen Stone, Kindred, and much more… This was my weekend of professional development as an artist, in my opinion. I got to listen, watch, be inspired and learn a lot. And to share my soul with so many others, artists and concert goers alike.

I was also extremely blessed to run a workshop for youth day entitled “Show me what you got!” Wayyyyy too much fun :) I’ve even kept some of the songs the kids wrote as an exercise!

All in all it was good… And it was an experience that I’ll never forget. Happy Friday y’all and blessings to you as this weekend begins!