Playing Celie in The Color Purple, 2013!!!

I am so proud, thrilled, excited, nervous, but SO freakin’ ecstatic to announce that I will be playing the role of Celie (main character) in a spring 2013 production of The Color Purple! It’s a huge honor, as this is one of my favorite musicals, books, and movies of all time :) My dreams are coming true, day by day, one step at a time. You can get tickets for opening night, the biggest night of my life (AH!!!!) and every night of the season here: The Color Purple Tickets, or below. Tell your friends & family and read on for how I got the part!

I love life because it’s unpredictable. I know a lot of times we want things to work out just the way we’ve planned. But man, wouldn’t that be so boring? Not just boring but wouldn’t that lull us into complacency? Knowing that if we made a plan, everything would work out just that way would be dull and so so very predictable.

My plan was to win American Idol. I came close, top 98, but did it happen? Nope. But you know what happened after that? I decided to pursue my dream of singing full time and I came out with my debut album, a project that I’d wanted to complete for 6 years, but just needed a fire to be lit under my butt. Idol was that catalyst. It’s almost been a year since I made the decision to quit my nursing job and become a singer. A scary, exhilarating, heart-racing, much needed decision. And one, despite the challenges I face daily, I can honestly say I do not regret :) I think day by day I’m being pushed further out my comfort zone…

Doing musical theater has always been a secret dream of mine, but I’d never dared trying out for anything. I love Wicked, Les Miserables, Rent, Hairspray, you name it! I auditioned for the part of Celie, having never, ever done any musical theater in my whole life. The auditions were amazing. Got to dance, meet a ton of cool people and act in front of seasoned producers and casting directors. After the initial casting call 4 callbacks, I got the call to say that I’d gotten the part, and the best part is? Everyone I was secretly hoping to co-star with me got the part too! It’ll be an amazing production with an amazing cast of super-talented actors. I’m SO excited!

I’m glad that life isn’t predictable, for I could have never predicted this! Will you be there? I can’t wait to see your face in the audience :) Without your support, love, and unwavering belief in me, I am nothing. I will continue to work hard, stay strong and committed to my dream! Thank you for everything, and see you opening night, the biggest night of my life, at The Color Purple!