This left me speechless and made the entire tour worth it…

Overwhelmed with such positive emotions and feelings right now. This is from a concertgoer after my show at Beyu Caffe:

If you love female vocalists then you are going to fall in love with the talented and mesmerizing SuCh (Su Charles).

SuCh has a warm and welcoming stage presence that will immediately place your mind at ease and feel appreciated. Top that of with a bright, beautiful smile that precedes the soulful, strong and very balanced voice not heard very often. This is a woman whose musical voice crosses the line of every ethnicity. SuCh is for everyone and she certainly knows how to deliver. I kid you not when I say buy her music because it will be an investment that you will enjoy many times over!

If you can see her live you will walk away feeling that something very positive just occurred in your life. The electricity that goes out from SuCh to the audience has you singing along or humming if you don’t know the words. I ask that all my facebook friends “like” SuCh and buy her beautiful cd titled “Stretch Marks.” SuCh, after you the Beyu Caffe and its audience will never be the same.

Thank you SO much Stephen Smith for the kind words and SUCH a glowing review… Still at a loss for words! To cap off a perfect weekend, my handsome father, the honorable reverend (yes, I’m a pastor’s kid!), my gorgeous mother and lovely sister ALL came to the show!!!

One more to go, Miami here I come!