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Vail Soul Music Fest and Beyond

Back from a hectic, fun, exhilarating weekend, I realize that life is good :) I had the honor of sharing the stage with such greats as Jeffrey Osborne, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart, Anthony David, Allen Stone, Kindred, and much more… This was my weekend of professional development as an artist, in my opinion. I got to listen, watch, be inspired and learn a lot. And to share my soul with so many others, artists and concert goers alike. (more…)

Welcome to my music journey!

Hi and welcome to my site! I’m SuCh. I guess that’s a weird way to start my bio because who else would I be. The interesting thing is that I have named myself that.. My birth name I had no control over, as my parents named me. And trust me I love my birth name, it has helped shaped me the who I am. I’ve always found names to be important. But recently it became evident that I needed to give myself a name, and so SuCh was born. I like SuCh because not only is it a hybrid of my real name, Su Charles, but also is full of meaning. The word such is used in two ways: 1) to emphasize a quality “he has such a good heart” 2) to show a similarity “such as”. That is who I strive to be as a person, someone who amplifies and exemplifies what is good, beautiful, and real. It’s of utmost importance that my music reflects those things.

So this is not going to be a traditional bio with large flowery words. Rather it’s going to be me, unfiltered, talking to you. (more…)