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Trial And Error (autographed CD)
  • Trial And Error (autographed CD)
  • $15.00 USD

  • I am so thrilled to present my second studio album, “Trial 
    And Error” (first album ‘Stretch Marks’, 2012). 13 new originals that paint a well-crafted story on a musical canvas stretching from Neo-Soul to Rock, old school R&B to Pop, while remaining true to my roots and paying homage to my influences (Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Adele, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, etc). 

    “‘Trial And Error’ is a collection of songs which I hope will inspire all who hear it to not be afraid of failure or making mistakes, and to never stop trying until they succeed.”

    The Boston born, New York raised, California educated, Chicago groomed Soul singer is riding a wave of excitement surrounding the first single, ‘Sugar Maple’, a breezy, summer love tune that captured audiences’ hearts and imaginations worldwide with its catchy beat, creative bass line, laid back melody and unforgettable hook. The track peaked at #1 on UK’s Soul Charts and is climbing U.S. Urban AC charts thanks to strong airplay and reception on Sirius XM, Music Choice, iHeart Radio, etc. SuCh’s also had a stellar acting debut in the regional premiere of the Color Purple which earned her a Henry Award for Outstandling Lead Actress in a musical, as well as Broadway World Awards for Best Acress and Best Acting Debut.

    In addition to writing all 13 tracks on the album, SuCh is collaborating with fellow top 60 American Idol alumnus Mathenee Treco in ‘P’s And Q’s’ and DJ Cavem in ‘Bump This’. 

    Stretch Marks Autographed CD
  • Stretch Marks Autographed CD
  • $15.00 USD
    $10.00 USD
  • SuCh's Debut Album

    Stretch marks. Yes ladies, I went there! It's not pretty, nor is it sexy. 

    The thing is, very few things in life are...  Life is beautiful, not pretty. What makes it worth living are the heartaches, the triumphs, the losses, the wins.  Those things that stretch you, push you beyond your limits, spark the fire in you to want to be better, stronger, wiser, to spread your wings and fly.  That's what makes life... well, life. 

    In the year that I wrote this album, I was stretched in so many ways. I love it because it's real, it's my life and all the painful growth I've experienced put to lyrics and music. Not everything in here is PC, buttery, flowery, but everything is real: real love, friendship, hurt, loss, frustrations. 

    I hope that through "Stretch Marks" you can discover that there is beauty in imperfection. And learn to embrace it as I have... :)

    • Brenden Matthews

      Hey! i noticed you don’t have any fan wear yet! if you want, I’d love to come meet with you and a couple of my friends who can design some stuff for you! Gimme a shout and we’ll set something up! Thanks Su! Keep up the awesome work!

      • IAmSuch

         Hey B! what’s the word on the t’s?

    • Keithonbass

      What an Awesome vibe and voice

    • Nolagreen1953

      When your ready for an awesome, hardworking, dedicated and committed assistant, give me a holler.  Your gonna need one soon, cause your about to blow up.  SERIOUSLY!!!

    • Jewell Hill

      You are indeed a lovely diva Goddess lady!  Stretch marks and all!  What you wrote here reminds me of a line from a Roger Clyne song,  and he says,  “Better beautiful than perfect”.  Similar concept.  Our scars and crow’s feet are beautiful too.
      I was honored to share a stage with you. 
      Jewell Hill

      • IAmSuch

         Hey Jewell, thank you baby girl! It was great sharing the stage with you too :) Thank you for getting the CD!!! xoxo ~SuCh, stay in touch!!!

    • Terrance

      Saw you perform last year in Denver. One of the best live perfomances I have seen. Too bad I cant see you killing it as Celie, cuz Ill be in Texas. Keep wrecking the mic

    • Mahlon N Rhonda Knight


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