Stretch Marks



cover photo by Penny O. Photography.


Stretch marks. YES ladies, I went there, lol! It’s not pretty, nor is it sexy. The thing is, few things in life are…  Life is beautiful, not pretty. What makes it worth living are the heartaches, the triumphs, the losses, the wins. Those things that stretch us, push us beyond our limits, spark the fire in us to want to be better, stronger, wiser, to spread our wings and fly.. That’s what makes life… well, life.

In the two years that this album chronicles, I was stretched, torn apart, put together again in more ways than I care to admit… I love it because it’s real, it’s my life and all the painful growth I’ve experienced. And the only way I could deal with it all was to put it in song. Not everything in here is PC, buttery, flowery, but everything is real: real love, friendship, hurt, loss, frustrations. I hope that through “Stretch Marks” you can discover that there is beauty in imperfection. And learn to embrace it. As I have… :)