I know this look all polished and what not, but this song was recorded entirely in my basement with some microphones, a keyboard, a drumset and a computer with some speakers. The music video was shot at Casselmans in 2 hours with some of my friends in the band at church. I hope you enjoy it because we all had a looot of fun recording it! And if you do, please comment and share it!

* Full lyrics below * if you want to use this song, email me at [email protected]

Music Video Credits

Directed and edited by Damon Jamal – In Yo Face Films
Band: Kyle Smith (Bass), Lem Williams (drums), Vincent Johnson
(Guitar), Jodel Charles (Keyboards)
Backup singers: Colleen Garner, Francine Chase

Track Credits – Mixing/Mastering by Randall Hansen, J. C

Makeup: Kalani Clinkscale
Stylist: Alana Owens
Photography: Jonathan Castner
Actor: Zerek Knight

Special thanks: Casselmans Bar and Venue, Donna Auguste, David Hayes, Regan Broadway and all the friends and fans who came out to the shoot!

(c) 2012 SuCh, Arc Sai Publishing LLC