Hi, I’m Such!

It’s a pleasure to meet you, it’s an honor that you’ve come to my website just to find out a little more about my music and who I am. So here’s me in a nutshell: I love the color red, always have. My favorite number is 5. I’m not the best at multitasking, though I like to pretend that I am. I love smiling and laughing. I’m a pretty happy person. Sometimes my thoughts move faster than my mouth; when that happens I stumble on my words. Some people find that endearing, others annoying. I love music, always have. I’ve been singing since I can remember. Its the one thing my whole life, that I’ve never stopped doing. I’m the daughter of a minister and I remember being a wee little thing, singing in the children’s choir. I also loooove directing choirs. There is something exhilarating about empowering others and letting them shine while you take a backseat and watch them fly.

Ultimately my personality is summed up in my dream car, a Mini Cooper Countryman. Six speed, AWD, four door, and can you guess what color…? You got it!! Red. Like the mini I’m zippy, cute, but fierce, a force to reckon with, and I’m full of surprises. I want my license plate to read: ‘PPTPRED’. Which means that big things come in small packages (‘pi piti pi red’ in Haitian Kreyol)

I want you to get to know me, through my lyrics, through my music. I want you to be able to relate to it, to dance to it, to cry to it, to experience life with it. Let’s go on this journey!

You’re ready?

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